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White Icing Color - SUGARFLAIR

White Icing Color - SUGARFLAIR

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White Icing Color SUGARFLAIR - 25g

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White Icing Color SUGARFLAIR - 25g

This white coloring is ideal for whitening or lightening frostings, fondants, marzipans, and buttercreams.

This food coloring is perfect for decorating wedding cakes and achieves a beautiful snow-white icing.

This white pigment, free of titanium dioxide, is designed to eliminate yellowish tones, providing the ability to lighten fondant and reduce the yellowish hue in buttercream and white chocolate.

Usage: Apply small amounts of the product using, for example, a toothpick, then knead/mix vigorously until the desired shade is achieved. To intensify the color, gradually add more coloring gel. Suitable for all water-based foods.

Ingredients: humectant: E422, thickener: E551, coloring: E170i

Packaging: 25g tube

Made in the UK

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