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ProGel®  - GREY

ProGel® Concentrated Colour - GREY

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ProGel® Concentrated Colour - GREY RAINBOW DUST - 25g

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ProGel® Concentrated Colour - GREY RAINBOW DUST - 25g


The Rainbow Dust ProGel is highly concentrated and the new standard in food colouring! Only the smallest amount of ProGel is required to give a deep rich colour to your creations, meaning that the tubes last a long time.

Simply add a small amount to your fondant, marzipan, buttercream, sponge cake, candy melts and more and watch its transform into your desired colour as it is mixed in.

Ingredients: glycerine, silicone dioxide, propylene glycol, colours: E124, E104 and E133.

Certified Kosher.

Net Weight : 25g

Made in UK

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