Wood Article

Wood Article

WOODEN UTENSILS - Find a large selection of wooden items and utensils for cooking and baking, such as pizza dough roller, flour scoops, salt spoons or butter molds in beech wood.

For lovers of bredeles and Christmas cookies, TOQUEdeCHEF.com offers a wide range of "springerle" rolls as well as different models of wooden speculoos molds. And to facilitate the preparation of the dough, in addition to the traditional rolling pin, you will find rolling pin guides, very practical for rolling out the dough to a regular thickness.

Wooden utensils are preferred in the kitchen: this natural material does not scratch and does not conduct heat. In addition, wood is an inert material that does not risk releasing certain harmful chemical molecules in food such as plastics.

These products are food grade and comply with European standards. Contact of wood with food does not present a health hazard.

All these items are sold individually and are suitable for household use. If you want larger quantities and packaging more suited to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.


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