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Lactose Powder

Lactose Powder

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Lactose Powder - 1Kg


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Lactose Powder - 1Kg


The lactose is the "milk sugar". It is a fine powder,  with white / yellow color. The lactose powder is soluble in water. This product is odorless and has a slightly sweet taste. Consumed in large quantities, the lactose can be laxative.

The sweetening power of the lactose is 16, that of saccharose is 100.

The lactose powder is widely used in the food industry to bind and give more texture to stuffing or cooking. The whey powder is mainly used in baked goods (caramelization / browning reaction / Maillard reaction), dry mixes, frozen desserts, sauces, emulsified meats, salad dressings, confectionery, sauces roast juice, snack foods and drinks.

The lactose is also used in the manufacture of beer, to soften the taste. In fact, this non-fermentable sugar adds body and a sweeter touch to beer (eg milk stouts).

The whey proteins (or lactose powder) have useful functional properties related to solubility, foaming, emulsification and gelation. It is used in molecular cooking to create crystalline textures similar to sugar, but unsweetened.

The usual dosage in charcuterie is from 4% to 8% (pâté, sausages, ...)

Storage : the lactose powder should be stored in a cool and dry place (risk of mold in the presence of moisture).


Ingredients: 100% lactose powder (No contain genetically modified organism.)

Produced in France

Packaging: 1kg bag

Fiche technique - Lactose poudre

Fiche technique - Lactose poudre - sachet de 1Kg

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