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Whipping Cream Stabilizer (neutral) -  FUNCAKES - 150g

Whipping Cream Stabilizer (neutral)

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Whipping Cream Stabilizer (neutral) - FUNCAKES - 150g

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Whipping Cream Stabilizer (neutral) - FUNCAKES - 150g


Perfect for stabilizing and adding a rich body to whipped cream and chantilly cream.

This ready-to-use powdered preparation allows you to stabilize whipped cream. This whipped cream stabilizer is ideal for creating decorations and fillings that will maintain perfect flavor and texture for hours.

Instructions: first, whip 500g of liquid fresh cream until it forms whipped cream. Then, weigh 75g of "FUNCAKES Whipped Cream Stabilizer" powder. Gradually incorporate it into the whipped cream using a whisk. No need to add sugar to your whipped cream.

This additive is not suitable for savory preparations as it contains sugar and glucose syrup. This product is neutral in taste and does not contain any flavorings.

Packaging: 150g box

Ingredients: Sugar, dried glucose syrup, modified starch, gelling agents: E339, E450, E516, E401, thickener: E466. May contain traces of: egg, milk, and nuts. Does not contain E171.

Origin: EU

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