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Petal Tip Set  - WILTON

Petal Tip Set - WILTON

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Petal Tip Set - WILTON - 3 pieces

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Petal Tip Set - WILTON - 3 pieces

All the tips you need to make flower petals : violets, roses, ...

3 precise and durable tips : 1 tip N°59L for violets, 1 tip N°97L for Victorian roses and 1 tip N°116L for large roses.

Left Handed Decorating Tips. Height of  tip : 33mm. Material: nickel-plated brass

Can be used with a standard coupler WILTON (N° 59L and N° 97L) or large coupler WILTON (N°116L).

Use and care: before first and after each use, hand wash with soapy water and allow to dry. This product is NOT dishwasher safe.

Made in China


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