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Melter for Chocolate - STADTER

Melter for Chocolate - STADTER

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Melter for Chocolate - STADTER - 1,5l


Melter for Chocolate - STADTER - 1,5l


Melter with cover and removable stainless steel pan.

For chocolate and couverture for temperatures up to 60°C.

Temperature control with thermostat (0°C - 60°C)

Electric Melter : 80W - 230V.

Capacity : 1,5l for up to 1kg of chocolate. Size : 23x26cm / Height : 13,5cm.


How to use STADTER Chocolate Melter :


Some advice before starting :

- For making pralines or for covering pastries and petits fours, it is better to use high quality couvertures ( 32% cocoa butter minimum)

- The best approach is to melt a bit more couverture than is needed, it is easier to temper a larger amounts of chocolate.

- Cut the couverture in small pieces or use couverture drops/coins/chunks, to ensure even melting.

- Avoid all contact with water, chocolate will become unworkable.

Fill the metal receptacle with 2/3 of the chopped couverture or chocolate drops. Turn on the STADTER Chocolate Melter and set the melting  temperature control to no more than 50°C. When melting couverture, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 45-50°C. It may take several hours before all couverture melts completely.


For a more pleasant gloss and shiny finish, let the melted couverture cool down to 26-28°C by adding the remaining chunks of chocolate. Then reheat the chocolate briefly to the desired working temperature. This is the secret to make professional chocolate products : the art of chocolate tempering.

Couverture has to be warmed to the correct working temperature, these temperatures are :

- 28/29°C for white couverture
- 30/31°C for milk couverture
- 31/32°C for black couverture

Only once the couverture reaches the optimum temperature will it have a nice gloss and harden. Sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa paste will only melt optimally at these temperatures. The chocolate should now be tempered.



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