"Cookie Choc" Kit - DOLCE VITA


"Cookie Choc" Kit - DOLCE VITA - SILIKOMART Ø 57mm

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"Cookie Choc" Kit - DOLCE VITA - SILIKOMART Ø 57mm


Great to prepare short pastry cookies with chocolate or fruit jelly plaques !

The Cookie Choc kit is composed by a dough cutter and by a  silicone mold.

Mold shape : "La Dolce Vita", "Hand Made" and "Delicieux"

Freezer, refigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe (mold).

Resists stains and odors.

Cookie size : Ø 57mm

Set contains : recipes book + silicone mold + cookie cutter

Made in Italy



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