Buttery Sweet Dough Emulsion - LorAnn Oils


Buttery Sweet Dough Emulsion - LorAnn Oils - 120ml

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Buttery Sweet Dough Emulsion - LorAnn Oils - 120ml

A rich taste of creamery butter combined with a hint of citrus and vanilla that will give your homemade sweet breads, pastries and butter cream frostings an irresistible flavor.

Flavor combination: Butter + Lemon + Vanilla

Emulsions are water-based, alcohol-free alternatives to extracts. Instead of using alcohol, the flavor is micro encapsulated in natural stabilizers and suspended in water. Use in any recipe as you would an extract - and experience better results! The encapsulation enables the flavor to not lose its integrity when exposed to high heat.

Water based. Kosher Certified. Gluten Free & Sugar Free

Ingredients : natural and artificial flavors, water, propylene glycol, gum arabic, xanthan gum, citric acid.

Made in USA


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